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Hydrocell, Fytocell, Fytofoam - 150 liter packaging on pallets
Hydrocell 150 liter packaging pallets 2Hydrocell 150 liter packaging palletsFytofoam 150 liter packaging pallets 1Fytocell 150 liter packaging pallets 3

Download: Wirtschaftreport Nimwegen, Sichern, retten, pflanzen - mit Kunstharz von; Aqua Resins Technologies

Download: Hydroponisches Modulsystem mit Schaum-Substrat; Technik_FK

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The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie - Fytowall

Hydrocell Roof garden on Dutch TV

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FYTOWALL article

fytowall vertical garden

Fytogreen Australia, presenting its Fytowall concept on exhibition Sydney DesignEx spring 2008 (10 -12 April)

Evaluation the use of Fytofoam on the water management, turfgrass germination and reestablishment in golf courses by; C. Guerrero; C. Antunes; and M. Pereira

International Journal of Energy and Environment
  • SUMMARY => According to the exposed results, fytofoam may confer an increase in soil water-holding capacity and less losses of water by percolation. These factors associated to an increase on air capacity, due to fytofoams' light density, may positive affect the germination process and faster turfgrass re- establishment.

Fytofoam Fytocell Mountain Flakes 3
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