Aqua Resins Technologies B.V.

Aqua Resins TechnologiesCorporate history
The Aqua Resins Technologies Group (A.R.T.) of companies was founded approximately 33 years ago. The initial business concept of the company was to provide a solution for superficial oil spillage based on using a aminoplast hardfoam, but rapidly developed into a concept to fill oil tanks for safe remediation.

The raw material for foam production, being a uniquely developed resin which was the basis for further development of the company.

Over the years the development, production technique and quality control of the raw material and hardfoam was further improved and optimised, allowing new direct and non-direct related applications to be developed.

Presently the company consists of several limited companies, one per application and a network of daughter and dealer organisations throughout the world.

Equipment Plant 3, Fytofoam, Fytowall, Fytogreen schaum, Fytoclone, Fytocell, Floracell, Hydrocell,  Benefil, Bacel, Resin Hardfoam, Hars, HardschuimThe head office of Aqua Resins Technologies B.V. is in The Netherlands, where we produce resin and hardfoam in two separate factories. We are currently in the process of setting up a second resin facility. At the moment we produce hardfoam in The Netherlands, Australia among others and we are in the process to set up local production facilities within the America's.

Core business
Resin production, which is used for different applications and shipped to our customers in IBC or tank containers worldwide.

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Aqua Resins Technologies B.V.
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Chamber of commerce/KVK number: 11056236