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Fytofoam Fytocell Mountain Flakes 3Production facilities and marketing organisation for foam which is used as an additive in:
Soil less culture and potting soil industry with the brand name Fytocell®.
Golf and sport fields, brandname Fytofoam®, among others to improve the water retention or the water air ratio of the root zone.
And through a separate limited specialised in lightweight roof gardens (Resins Agro BV), using the brandname Hydrocell® former Bacel®.

  • As a 100% pure product, Fytocell® flake, the substrate is used in soil less culture and hydroponics systems, which can increase your yield for enhance performance and better crops.
    A better way to improve potting soils, soil additive that improves root development and plant growth.
    Fytocell®, when used in flake form as an additive in potting soils and composts, produces an ideal growing environment for roots.

  • Available in various densities and recommended in sport fields, golf courses and other turf and amity applications.
    Fytofoam® can be applied on site by means of a specially developed mobile foaming unit, or as flakes. Both foam and flakes can be mixed into the upper layer of the soil.
    It holds up to 60% of its volume in moisture and 37% air, thus increasing the root volume through aeration and moisture retention.

Resins Agro BV's roof garden system, Hydrocell®
(former Bacel®),
  • is on a whole very light in comparison with other systems. For this reason roofs with a lighter structure may also be considered when planning a roof garden.
    Using innovation and quality assurance we have been able to create areas for use as recreational spaces and provide enhanced human living with environmental benefits.
    Hydrocell® is designed to have greater weight bearing characteristics, storing large volumes of water and re-supplying this to plants. It replaces heavy sand and provides filtered storm water. Not to mention that it is durable under various climatic conditions.

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Resins Agro B.V.
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