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Fytocell® (Fytogreen Australia)

  • Has developed FytoClone® as a clone-cutting mix supplied in a cell tray. All you need is light, warmth, and water. The key to success is to use FytoClone®'s great capillary action ability to draw water upwards by watering from the bottom. Because FytoClone® only holds a maximum of 55-60% water by volume, it cannot be overwatered from the bottom. This creates a moist environment while providing that very vital ingredient - air! This results in a mass of white fibrous roots in seven to eight days, depending on plant species and heat. Your clones will never look back!


  • Is available in 24- and 48-cell tray packs. These are made up of four and eight individual small cell trays, each containing six cells. Sit in 5 mm of water either one or two of the six-cell trays or the whole cell tray pack (24/48) and allow the water to soak up.

  • FytoClone® is a 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe foam. It is a light but very stable white, spongy, pH-neutralised growing medium.

Fytocell® also manufactures FytoFlake in 50- and 100-litre bags as a growing medium. Fytocell® is 100% Australian-made.

For more information see your local indoor gardening retailer.

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