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Fytocell® (Fytogreen Australia)

  • Has developed FytoClone® as a clone-cutting mix supplied in a cell tray. All you need is light, warmth, and water. The key to success is to use FytoClone®'s great capillary action ability to draw water upwards by watering from the bottom. Because FytoClone® only holds a maximum of 55-60% water by volume, it cannot be overwatered from the bottom. This creates a moist environment while providing that very vital ingredient - air! This results in a mass of white fibrous roots in seven to eight days, depending on plant species and heat. Your clones will never look back!

  • Is available in 24- and 48-cell tray packs. These are made up of four and eight individual small cell trays, each containing six cells. Sit in 5 mm of water either one or two of the six-cell trays or the whole cell tray pack (24/48) and allow the water to soak up.

  • FytoClone® is a 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe foam. It is a light but very stable white, spongy, pH-neutralised growing medium.

Fytocell® also manufactures FytoFlake in 50- and 100-litre bags as a growing medium. Fytocell® is 100% Australian-made.

For more information see your local indoor gardening retailer.

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Optimum air/water ratio throughout the growing medium
  • Encourages development of many finely branched roots - improving uptake of water and nutrients
    Ensures excellent oxygen content throughout the root zone
    Good capillary action ensures water is available throughout the flake bag
    Easy water management - almost impossible to over-wet
    Easy to re-wet
    Biodegradable and compostable - easier to dispose of
    Makes fertigation management very easy

Air/Water Ratio

  • Because of its structure Fytocell® provides a near perfect air/water ratio at all times, encouraging the development of many finely branched roots - enabling better uptake of water and nutrients. The result is stronger, healthier plants and improved yields.

  • Oxygen is as vital to healthy root development as water and nutrients. The open cell structure of Fytocell® ensures good oxygen content throughout the flake bag - even when Fytocell® is saturated. Before Fytocell® it was easy to add water to a substrate - but far more difficult to add oxygen!

Good Capillary Action
  • The good capillary action of Fytocell® means that water is drawn up to the top of the flake bag - encouraging feeder roots to develop throughout the whole substrate.

Easy Water Management
  • Fytocell® is grower-friendly. It is impossible to over-wet. Even when a flake bag is saturated the Fytocell® structure ensures there is sufficient air for healthy root growth so there is never a need to dry Fytocell® out in order to oxygenate the substrate.

Should Fytocell® dry out for any reason, re-wetting is simple and trouble-free.

Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Fytocell® is an aminoplast. It is harmless to the environment and is biodegradable and compostable - making disposal easier and helping to meet the “green” requirements of many major buying organisations.

Aminoplast foams have been used for decades as soil improvers all over the world. Over the past introduction period Fytocell®, an aminoplast foam with additional specific physical characteristics, has provided very good results as a “unique and promising” substrate for the soil less culture sector. Fytocell® is an organic synthetic hydrophilic foam, which is biodegradable with an open cell structure. It provides optimum capillarity, homogeneously throughout the whole substrate, providing an water/air ratio of 60/40, irrespective of height. As a result of these physical characteristics: Fytocell® maintains a good water/air ratio, even when frequently watered; Fytocell® promotes strong and uniform rooting throughout the whole substrate; even when fully saturated, the air content is still around 30%, and Fytocell® is easy to re-wet. Fytocell® can be produced in the local horticultural growing areas resulting in major logistical cost savings. Recent research at the University of Wageningen (environmental technology) has proven that Fytocell® is compostable with other organic materials such as plant waste. A solution for waste disposal can therefore be resolved locally. The composted product retains nearly all of its physical characteristics and is very suitable as a soil improver. Fytocell® has proven itself within numerous horticultural sectors and fully backs up the results collected at international research and trial stations.

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