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Fytocell® flakes, as a substrate is used in soil less culture and hydroponics systems, which can increase your yield for enhance performance and better crops.
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Perfect for salads. Fytocell® is the perfect substrate for tomato, cucumber and pepper crops grown under glass and can be supplied in either bags of 150 litre or flake bags, designed to your needs.
Used by commercial and hobby growers for vegetable crops. The key is the perfect 37% air/60% water ratio by volume, encouraging a mass of finely branched roots. This enables better uptake of water and essential nutrients.

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The Substrate That Can Increase Your Yield. Fytocell® is the new soil less growing medium for enhanced performance and better crops...
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Air/Water Ratio
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Good Capillary Action
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Easy Water Management
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Biodegradable and Compostable
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