Method Statements Fytocell

Wetting up recommendations for Fytocell® flake bags

Fytocell Grow bag Flakes salad crops startPlace the dripper nozzles in the planting holes. This could be done by sliding the nozzles horizontally beneath the planting hole flaps (or lifting the flaps back and placing the nozzles upright within the planting hole). Fully saturate the bags with standard wetting up nutrient solution. Carry out slowly so that the flakes have time to take up the solution, and it prevents the flakes from being pushed out of the planting holes.

Keep the bags fully saturated for at least 48 hours to allow the solution to equilibrate within the bag. It also gives time for the water to be absorbed by the Fytocell® flakes.

Check that the pH and EC of the flakes in the planting holes fall within the required levels. pH around 5.0-6.0 and EC around the value of the wetting up solution.

Make small drain holes in the bottom corners of the bags, and allow excess solution to drain out. Don't make the holes too big to avoid flushing out the flakes.

Fytocell Grow bag Flakes salad crops cucumber 1Place plants in planting holes, and then give them an irrigation with nutrient solution straight away. Depending upon weather, give an irrigation of around 80 ml every two hours. Or if very bright, more frequently up to every 10-15 minutes. Keep irrigating to make sure the plant blocks stay wet enough to avoid wilting of the plants. Fytocell® can suck water out of the stone wool blocks.

Once the roots are established within the Fytocell® flake bag (after about 3 days), irrigate in relation to the plant's transpiration rate.

Do not be afraid of “over watering” as even when fully saturated the Fytocell® will hold around 35% of its volume with air.

Once the roots have started binding the flakes together in the bottom of the bags, (approximately 4 weeks), the existing drain holes should be enlarged, or new larger drain holes should be cut, to allow excess solution to move out of the bags quickly and efficiently.