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Published with the permission of Horst Sjostedt - Director of National Production Sysytems - Flavorite Tomatoes
Flavorite Tomatoes Warragul Australia

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  • Fytocell®
    Andrew, Sunstate Hydroponics, Maroochydore, Queensland:
    It has been a long time since something new has come along to revolutionise growing.
    Fytocell® fits that description. Field results have shown consistent benefits including, flushing and maintenance tasks being so much easier and root disease and fungus gnat problems are a thing of the past for most growers.
    Yields have increased due to consistent air/water ratios and explosive root growth. Fytocell® has become our recommended medium for both cost and results.
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  • Fytocell®
    Chris, The Hydroponic Connection, Boronia, Victoria:
    Fytocell®, easy, inexpensive and the results speak for themselves.

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  • Fytocell®
    Rob, Robs Garden Centre, Windsor Gardens, South Australia:
    Fytocell® produces what the customers want – better yields. Fytocell® is easy to use and virtually impossible to over water. The availability of extra air throughout the pot profile equates to better roots and a stronger plant. If you haven't tried Fytocell®, you've got to give it a go!

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  • Fytocell®
    Clay, Nutriflo Hydroponic Systems, West Gosford, New South Wales:
    Our customers are amased with Fytocell®'s performance as are we. Used under different growing conditions, no other medium achieved these results.

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  • Fytocell®
    Articles in Dutch papers from growers
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  • Fytocell®
    Articles in Dutch papers from growers
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    Potting Soil Hanging Baskets
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    There has been excellent feedback from customers who've used Fytocell®, a product that's mixed into coco/coir or soil at around 15% to improve root zone aeration.
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  • Fytocell®
    Grimshaw explains how Fytocell, can also help reduce water usage for substrate growers. “Fytocell is a flaked foam substrate, frequently employed in UK greenhouses for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and strawberries,” he says. “At the moment it is produced in the Netherlands, but we are about to build a Fytocell factory here in the UK, and then we will target the domestic strawberry market in a big way.”
    Fytocell enables an even wetness from top to bottom of a plant grow bag, meaning growers can irrigate accurately without expensive run-off. “Fytocell is made of an easily wetted cellular material, ensuring very even levels of wetness, conductivity and pH throughout the whole bag root zone,” says Grimshaw. “It is pleasantly soft and light to handle, and plants root into the foam very easily. It can also save on fertiliser costs, as using it ensures fertilisers are not washed away through excessive watering.”
    Growers are becoming steadily aware of the need to save on water usage, as new legislation has come into force and water costs are being pushed up, says Grimshaw. “Fresh produce growers no longer have the luxury of wasting water,” he adds.