FAQ Fytofoam

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How do I save water with Fytofoam®?

  • As Fytofoam® greatly improves the water-holding ability of the soil, you'll use up to 50% less water, depending on conditions and plant species, and growth will be healthier.

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Can I use Fytofoam® with hard-to-wet soil?
  • Yes.
    Fytofoam® is a perfect solution to hard-to-wet soils. When water comes into contact with Fytofoam®, it is absorbed instantly and then slowly releases to the soil, reducing run-off loss.

Will I need less fertiliser?
  • Yes.
    Nutrients are absorbed into the open cell structure of Fytofoam® and are gradually released, rather than washing away, so up to 25% less fertiliser is needed.

Will my plants become waterlogged?
  • No.
    Fytofoam® always retains air space within it's foam structure, preventing water logging and rotting of plant roots. This air space also reduces soil compaction in the root zone.

Is Fytofoam® biodegradable and environmentally safe?
  • Yes.
    Fytofoam® breaks down into carb®on and nitrogen in the soil over a 10 year period. Because it is sterile and inert, Fytofoam® will not change the chemical balance (eg. the pH) of your soil. Fytofoam® is also perfectly safe to use in your vegetable garden. Please read safety information on the bag before using Fytofoam.

How much Fytofoam® do I need to use?
  • For best results,
    please contact your local specialist/Fytofoam® partner.