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Fytofoam®'s great water-holding ability and air permeability ensure a gradual release of the nutrients and the water absorbed. These factors have an extremely positive effect on germination and also encourage faster and finer rooting. As well as creating a splendid and even growth, this improves the self-restoring capability of the turf. In other words, with Fytofoam® you will have finer and better results and reduced water and electricity costs.
Fytofoam® can be applied on soccer pitches and golf courses either by incorporating it into root zones during construction thereby achieving the ideal growing environment for quality turf grasses, or during resurfacing or routine maintenance.

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Fytofoam trials watersaving 1Strategies
Research at Resins Agro is best characterised as technology based and market-driven. Some key words: product improvement, new applications, based on market demands, own innovations, practical questions, experience with end users on site.

Fytofoam trials watersaving 2Aims and Obligations
Continuous research and development challenging learning experience for us. In our own laboratory and on semi-technical scale at our production facilities, on site at customers/end users, or in cooperation with universities and research institutes national and international.

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Resins Agro research can be on a quality control chemical level in our laboratory, technological investigations at our production facilities or in-house testing in growth chambers. It may also comprise field work with turf on sport facilities and golf courses.

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Testing carried out by
Internal and on Laboratory Scale
Independent Laboratory
Universities and various other Institutes

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230022 IGI - Fytogreen Foam in laying out sports fields - Seminar 121999

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270034 NOC.NSF - The use of Fytofoam in sportsfieldconstructions - 52000

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230019 STRI - A Laboratory Study - The effects of Fytogreen foam on the soil physical properties of sand-dominated rootzones for sports turf - 71999

230017 STRI - Field and Greenhouse Study - The effects of Fytogreen foam on moisture retention and turf quality for sports turf rootzones - 121999