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270001 Letter from Richter Rasen to Fytogreen - 12001
230010 NOC.NSF - Letter from Henk Kamp re Fytofoam for sportsfields - 52000

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    Slit injection done in Castle Park UK.
    download http://www.fytogreenpacific.com/images/SlittingCastlePark.pdf

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    ….and the City of Boroondara is using Fytofoam® at sporting grounds to improve water holding ability in the soil.
    download http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/domino/Web_Notes/newmedia.nsf/798c8b072d117a01ca256c8c0019bb01/fedaeceb27f4edf4ca2572480082858b!OpenDocument

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    Councillor Aitken said Council has had to achieve a 25% reduction in water usage at these reserves to achieve the approval. Key features include the use of Fytofoam®, a water retention product, at Frankston Oval and East Seaford Oval, planting of warm season grasses to tolerate drought conditions, and use of irrigation systems.
    download http://www.frankston.vic.gov.au/Newsroom/2007/January/Keeping_Sports_Alive_In_Frankston_During_The_Drought/indexdl_4447.aspx

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    Report of Peter Bourke and Penny Barker, Environmental Management Officer- 20/01/05 (4) Re: Water Reuse and Conservation.
    “A new water saving product is being used at Tunks Park Oval. The product, Fytofoam®, is a biodegradable and environmentally safe product that is injected into the soil and helps to increase root volume of grass, allowing finer and deeper roots to develop. This improves the turf's capacity to absorb and hold water, therefore reducing water use. It is expected that the use of this product will reduce water consumption at Tunks Park Oval by 30%”.
    download http://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/resources/documents/OSE0310.pdf

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