FYTOCELL GROW BAGS - Soil less - Greenscape FYTOCELL GROW BAGS - Soil less - Greenscape Fytocell® flakes, as a substrate is used in soil less culture and hydro-
ponics systems, which can increase your yield for enhance performance and better crops.Perfect for salads. Fytocell® is the perfect substrate for tomato, cucumber and pepper crops.........
Fytocell Flakes

Greenscape website - Turf - Fytofoam Greenscape website - Turf and amenity - Fytofoam Fytofoam® can be applied on soccer pitches and golf courses either by incorporating it into root zones during construction thereby achieving the ideal growing environment for quality turf grasses, or during resurfacing or routine maintenance..........

Fytofoam Movie

Greenscape website - Roof gardens , Green roofs - Hydrocell Greenscape website - Lightweight roof gardens - Hydrocell Hydrocell® RG30 is the ideal substrate for every outside roof garden or balcony due to its capacity to retain moisture, a lightweight roof garden system. Resins Agro B.V.'s Hydrocell® RG30 roof garden system is on a whole very light in comparison with other systems.

Greenscape website - Potting soil - Fytocell Greenscape website - Potting soil, growing media, - Fytocell Fytocell® flakes, mixed with potting compost, provide the following benefits:

OPEN SPACES / Landscaping
Oxygen availability, Water Management, Nutrient Retention, Stronger Root Systems, Peat Replacement, Biodegradable........

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The Vertical Green Company is specialised in designing, growing, installing and maintaining soilless living walls or hanging gardens. With our 90 / goº Green ® system we can create impressive green structures in locations where previously this was thought not possible.

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