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The Vertical Green Company is specialised in designing, growing, installing and maintaining soilless living walls or hanging gardens. With our Fytowall - goº Green ® system we can create impressive green structures in locations where previously this was thought not possible. Fytowall brochure - Greenscape 31-08-09

90 green - the vertical green company - Indoor wall 07-04-09  (40)An abundance of flora has always been a major part of our environment. It’s very sad to see that in urban areas a substantial part of our green spaces have already disappeared and that there has been insufficient attention, for whatever reason, given to creating new green areas.

It is evident that flora brings a lot of positive effects to our living environment and this is clearly confirmed by research. More people are becoming aware of this and are looking for better solutions to improve their own green environment. This growing interest is focussed on indoor as well as outdoor possibilities in locations where in the past it was not possible to create green elements.

One can think of ever growing cities where the “spread of concrete” very often reduces the room for green areas. There is less space left for a small park or even some trees. On the one hand cities try to be as compact as possible, on the other hand the people who live there also require a pleasant and healthy environment.

People living in apartments only have balconies or if lucky a roof garden. Space for a lot of plants on a balcony is limited but the desire for plants in the immediate environment is still there. In offices, hospitals and public the story is the same; there is usually a strong wish for a pleasant environment but not enough space or perhaps creativity to fulfil this demand.

Please download the latest information on our various "green" applications:

Download: Fytowall brochure 2009
Fytowall brochure page 1 - 2009Fytowall brochure page 2 - 2009

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90 green - the vertical green company - Indoor wall 07-04-09  (40)

Latest 90° green - Fytowall in the Netherlands (Indoor) 07-04-09

Recent vertical garden; 90° green - Fytowall (Outdoor) 10-04-09
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The Vertical Green Company Fytowall - 90 green, Appeltern  10-04-09 The Vertical Green Company Fytowall - 90 green, Appeltern  10-04-09 The Vertical Green Company Fytowall - 90 green, Appeltern  10-04-09

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First 90° green - Fytowall in Netherlands 23-09-08

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90 Green - Fytowall office Holland 11-12-08

Vertical Garden - Office:
90° green - Fytowall

25th. en 26th. February 2009, Fytowall - 90° green - green indoor wall at Gatwick Airport (UK)
Fytowall - 90 green - the vertical green companyFytowall - 90 green - the vertical green company

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