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is a unique soil improver with remarkable water holding properties. It looks like polystyrene flakes, but mixed into your soil or potting mix, Hydrocell® holds up to 60% of its volume in water. Hydrocell® is suitable for all gardening applications including tree planting, garden beds, lawns, potted plants and roof gardens.

Gardens and Lawns/Beds and Borders
Your garden beds will flourish on less water and suffer less heat stress when you add Hydrocell®. Adding Hydrocell® to existing gardens… Your lawn will flourish on less water and stay green longer with Hydrocell®.

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Hydrocell Fytofoam Landscaping 4Strategies
Research at Resins Agro is best characterised as technology based and market-driven. Some key words: product improvement, new applications, based on market demands, own innovations, practical questions, experience with end users on site.

roof garden hydrocell bag 150, Daktuin, Roof garden, green roofs, Hydrocell, RG 30, Fytomix, Fytonop, RG 18 roof graden slabs, Planterboxes, DachgaertenAims and Obligations
Continuous research and development challenging learning experience for Resins Agro. In our own laboratory and on semi-technical scale at our production facilities, on site at customers/end users, or in cooperation with universities and research institutes both national and international.

Hydrocell Fytofoam Landscaping 3Area, Domains; facilities in practice
Hydrocell®. Resins Agro research can be on a quality control chemical level in our laboratory, technological investigations at our production facilities or in-house testing in growth chambers. It may also comprise field work with turf on sport facilities and golf courses. As well as green houses owned by commercial growers.

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Internal and on Laboratory Scale
ART Aqua Resins Technologies Group of companies
Independent Laboratory
Universities and various other Institutes