Universities and various others

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Testing carried out by: Dr. Sowmya Mitra, California, USA

Testing carried out by: Internal and on Laboratory Scale
  • ART Aqua Resins Technologies Group of companies

Testing carried out by: Independent Laboratory
  • ISHS
    ISHS Acta Horticulturae 697

Testing carried out by: Universities and various other Institutes

  • IGI
    Dr. P. Baader, IGI Niedermeyer Institute, D-91747 Westheim


is a unique soil improver with remarkable water holding properties. It looks like polystyrene flakes, but mixed into your soil or potting mix, Hydrocell® holds up to 60% of its volume in water. Hydrocell® is suitable for all gardening applications including tree planting, garden beds, lawns, potted plants and roof gardens.

Gardens and Lawns/Beds and Borders
Your garden beds will flourish on less water and suffer less heat stress when you add Hydrocell®. Adding Hydrocell® to existing gardens… Your lawn will flourish on less water and stay green longer with Hydrocell®.

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