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Subject: Hygromull® product

Aqua Resin Technology BV (ART) in the Netherlands is the proprietor of the resin since 1984 which is used to achieve basically a storage for water losses by gravity leaching. The foam flakes produced according to suppliers recommendation creates a long lasting storage of water and nutrients (when added to the water) around the root growth area.

Resins Agro BV in The Netherlands, belonging to the same group of companies as ART is the proprietor manufacturer of the foam flakes which products are successfully marketed under several different product names depending on application and market.

Because of the water retaining properties of the foam flakes in the soil water savings of up to 50% are achievable and is assisting root growth and plant development. Typical applications are large green surfaces which need water e.g.football pitches and golf courses landscaping
Resins Agro BV hereby confirms that from 2004 we produced and delivered foam flakes to Compo GmbH according to our original specifications of Hygromull. This product has been sold till 2017 in the market by Compo under their trade name Hygromull®.

Foam flakes produced by Resins Agro BV are also known worldwide under the product labels Hydrocell, Hydroflakes, Fytocell, Fytofoam, Fytogreen, Fytoschaum RG22

When manufactured to original resin technology of ART, foamed and applied by a trained dealer network and/or Resins Agro BV, the product will perform optimal to improve the water-air ratio in the growth medium or soil.
The following approvals and reports are available on request:

ISHS Acta Horticulturae 697: International Symposium on Soil less Culture and Hydroponics

Laboratory trial by STRI at Bingley, Yorkshire, the leading turf research institute, to test the effects of Fytofoam® on the soil physical properties of sand-dominated root zones for sports turf.

230022 IGI - Fytogreen Foam in laying out sports fields / Dr. P. Baader, IGI Niedermeyer Institute, D-91747 Westheim

Alterra University Wageningen Fytofoam 
On a golf course in Spain, an experimental set-up was constructed to compare two identical USGA greens: one with Fytofoam® application and one without. Aim was to measure the difference in water holding capacity and leaching potentials of the two experimental greens and to determine the irrigation water requirements of both greens.

AGCSA Tech - Fytogreen Australia - The evaluation of summer turf growth on Fytofoam treated soil compared with non treated soil

Soil amendments & water savings - Dr. Bernd Leinauer, New Mexico State University.

Universidade do Algarve Fytofoam : Evaluation the use of Fytofoam on the water management, turfgrass germination and reestablishment in golf courses by: C. Guerrero, C. Antunes and M. Pereira

Fytogreen - Fytofoam, Hydrocell Testing California: Sowmya (Shoumo) Mitra, Ph.D., Marvin Seaman, and Murray Hawkins. Department of Plant Sciences & Technology California State Polytechnic University, Pomona California, 91709

Place: Druten – The Netherlands.
Date: February 2017


Hygromull  Palletenbestűckung 1Hygromull  Palletenbestűckung

equipment packaging 150 liters bags 1, Fytofoam, Fytowall, Fytogreen schaum, Fytoclone, Fytocell, Floracell, Hydrocell,  Benefil, Bacel,
used to be mainly available in German speaking countries. A Compo GmbH & Co KG brandname, a unique soil improver with remarkable water holding properties used in sport pitches and golfcourses, turf and amenity, landscaping, gardening and turf- and sod nurseries.

Fytofoam®/Fytogreen® Schaum Sport and golf, construction and maintenance
Hydrocell® Roof gardens, landscaping, gardening, hanging baskets, lawns