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Fytofoam Fytocell Mountain Flakes 3
Fytocell®, Fytofoam®, Hydrocell® former Bacel® and Fytowall®
We have outlets and distribution systems already available in the various countries, but if you are interested in becoming a distributor of the above products, do not hesitate to contact us, when you are operating in a field/area, which has not been covered yet. We are still looking for new outlets in various countries. Interested?
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Salad crops (vegetable growing-tomato-sweet pepper, cucumber, eggplant), flowers (Orchid, Gerbera) and various soft fruit grown (strawberries a.o.) in hydroponics systems, soil less culture and potting soil mixtures.
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Landscape Gardeners
If you as a landscape gardener are interested in the following applications for your clients regarding gardens, lawns, beds and borders, hanging baskets, tree planting and maybe even roof gardens.
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If you as a home owner/grower are interested in the following applications for your garden, lawn, beds and borders, hanging baskets, tree planting and maybe even roof garden.
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Ever been in a situation that you had to subscribe a lightweight roof garden system either being an intensive, semi-extensive or extensive roof garden? Hydrocell® former Bacel®) is on a whole, very light in comparison with other systems……

Within the Netherlands we have managed to get our specifications written down on the site of GWW (stands for Grond Weg- en Waterbouw, meaning all issues related with ground-road and waterworks).
Benefil: Bestek service
Download hier uw: Aansluitinstructies Benefil en of Bacel RG22
Download hier uw: Brochure Benefil NL
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Local Government/Municipalities
Landscaping, tree planting, open spaces and round-abouts are all part of your responsibility, to achieve the best results. ….
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