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Supply and recycling of Fytocell Substrate by William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd
  • William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd is pleased to announce that with immediate effect, they have been appointed the distributor of the Fytocell product range for the UK and is currently exploring the most effective means of end of season waste recycling through composting.
    William Sinclair has a well established coverage of both professional and retail horticulture customers in the UK and is in a unique position to utilise Fytocell for inclusion in peat reduced or peat free composts.
    The intended production of Fytocell in the UK will lead to a low carbon footprint well liked by your customers and will add to the excellent green credentials of this compostable substrate. Fytocell is now well proven internationally for the excellent growth of a wide range of plants.
    William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd is very excited about the prospect of establishing Fytocell as a leading substrate in the Horticultural market and we look forward to working with you.

Fytocell®, Fytofoam®, Hydrocell® former Bacel® and Fytowall®

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Among others we are a production facility for all end products which we have branded under the various names.
We are a production facilities and marketing organisation for foam which is used as an additive in:

Soil less culture and potting soil industry with the brandname Fytocell®.

Golf and sport fields, brandname Fytofoam®, among others to improve the water retention or the water air ratio of the root zone.

And through a separate limited, specialised in lightweight roof gardens (Resins Agro B.V.), using the brandname Hydrocell® former Bacel® and Fytowall®.

We have outlets and distribution systems already available in the various countries, but if you are interested in becoming a distributor of the above products, do not hesitate to contact us, when you are operating in a field/area, which has not been covered yet. We are still looking for new outlets in various countries.

To visit our premises please contact our office first.

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