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Landscaping, tree planting, open spaces and round-abouts are all part of your responsibility, to achieve the best results ….

Greenscape our GREEN DIVISION for the United Kingdom and Ireland
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  • Urban Developers create Entrance Statements, boulevards and streetscapes and invest much in landscaping. When Hydrocell® is incorporated in to the top 100 mm of the top soil a better result can be seen quicker and money can be saved. Hydrocell® is ideal for advanced tree planting, garden bed establishment and turf establishment. Hydrocell® provides a landscape that flourishes quicker with less water use and maintenance costs.

Tree planting

  • Various municipalities have specified the use of Hydrocell® already for adding the Hydrocell® into the planthole(s).
    download http://www.fytogreen.com.au/products/hydrocell/bbc.html
    download http://www.fytogreen.com.au/docs/Tree%20trial.pdf

Open spaces and Round-abouts

  • Whole sportsfields being constructed and renovated use Fytofoam®. But high wear areas such as goal squares, baseball diamonds, turf car parks, central corridors of soccer fields all suffer from regular heavy foot traffic.
    Fytofoam® reduces compaction and accelerates root development to enable high wear areas to be quicker at repairing and more foot traffic tolerant.

Within the Netherlands our specifications are written down on the site of GWW (stands for Grond Weg- en Waterbouw, meaning all issues related with ground-road and waterworks) can be downloaded.
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