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The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie - Fytowall
Fytowall on Australian Programme: see link to the Channel 7 Outdoor - The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie

Presentation by Landscape Architect Eduard van Vliet on Dutch Television 05-00-08. Location Hydrocell roof garden in Rotterdam the Netherlands , see video "Een tuin op je dak"

Fytocell Forschung / Research

Download Fytocell Media Trials - Flavorite - Warragul
Published with the permission of Horst Sjostedt - Director of National Production Sysytems - Flavorite Tomatoes
Flavorite Tomatoes Warragul Australia

Video; Roof gardens on top of Tram/Metro stops in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 15th. May 2008 (Film; Daktuin op tramhaltes Coolsingel Rotterdam 15 Mei 2008)


Supply and recycling of Fytocell Substrate by William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd
  • William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd is pleased to announce that with immediate effect, they have been appointed the distributor of the Fytocell product range for the UK and is currently exploring the most effective means of end of season waste recycling through composting.
    William Sinclair has a well established coverage of both professional and retail horticulture customers in the UK and is in a unique position to utilise Fytocell for inclusion in peat reduced or peat free composts.
    The intended production of Fytocell in the UK will lead to a low carbon footprint well liked by your customers and will add to the excellent green credentials of this compostable substrate. Fytocell is now well proven internationally for the excellent growth of a wide range of plants.
    William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd is very excited about the prospect of establishing Fytocell as a leading substrate in the Horticultural market and we look forward to working with you.

Hydrocell Roof garden poster

Greenscape add "the return of the roof garden"

Customer testimonials like the comments made in the following article:


FYTOWALL article

fytowall vertical garden

Fytogreen Australia, presenting its Fytowall concept on exhibition Sydney DesignEx spring 2008 (10 -12 April)

download; .. Fytofoam can be spread over the courses, holding more water and making better use of rainfall. Sport historian David Goldblatt, in his contribution to the book ‘Do Good Lives ..

Fytowall® herb garden

Homegrown herbs
logo Fytowall The lack of urban space and a serious water shortage has made the vegetable patch almost a thing of the past. An ingenious new product in Australia is the Fytowall® vertical garden that can easily turn a tiny outdoor space into a blooming oasis. The Fytowall® garden system is attached to a host wall with a frame that contains a series of panels. The plants chosen are those that would be suitable for the specific growing conditions and include herbs, perennials, annuals and even turf will happily grow in the soil-less growing medium. However, for those of us who are kitchen gardeners, it is the perfect way to grow fresh herbs such as trailing rosemary, thyme, chives, marjoram parsley and many mint varieties. The system is easy to water and feed, simply by the flick of a switch!
The Fytowall® vertical garden system can be freighted to anywhere in Australia. For more information, visit vertical gardens

Roof garden Hydrocell Australia, green your friends will be too, Daktuin, Roof garden, green roofs, Hydrocell, RG 30, Fytomix, Fytonop, RG 18 roof graden slabs, Planterboxes, Dachgaertenquote:
Oases in the sky are a growing trend in our concrete jungles, by: Natalie Craig February 18, 2008
...............................The Victoria branch of Dutch company Fytogreen/Resins Agro is already gearing up for an expansion in the green roof industry in Australia. Manager Stuart Tyler says the company has already developed the technology to grow plants on Australian roofs, which are generally built to cope with less weight than overseas roofs built for snowfall........unquote

Article: Oases in the sky.... roof gardens
Oases in the sky are a growing trend in our concrete jungles

Innovation award article

ISO 14001:2004
  • We are pleased to announce that we have become an ISO 14001:2004 Certificated Company.................

Roof garden Hydrocell Amsterdam, Daktuin, Roof garden, green roofs, Hydrocell, RG 30, Fytomix, Fytonop, RG 18 roof graden slabs, Planterboxes, Dachgaerten New Roof Gardens

Townsville at Riverways Complex, Thuringowa
Adelaide at Hocking Place Community Housing Development
Brisbane at Festival Towers
Sydney at University of NSW, Kensington


Article Groen en Golf
  • download Minder beregenen door schuim
    download Met schuim tot 45% minder beregenen

Fytocell® turf modules
  • Fytocell® played an integral part of the Queensland DPI (Department of Primary Industries) display .................

Article Greenkeeper
  • Fytofoam®


Article Australia

  • "Best Design Award winner at 2005 Sydney Bloom Festival. Design by Universal Landscapes featuring the Fytocell® garden wall"