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The Vertical Green Company is specialised in designing, growing, installing and maintaining soilless living walls or hanging gardens. With our 90 / goº Green ® system we can create impressive green structures in locations where previously this was thought not possible.

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The Vertical Green Company is specialised in designing, growing, installing and maintaining soilless living walls or hanging gardens.
With our Fytowall - goº Green ® system we can create impressive green structures in locations where previously this was thought not possible.

An abundance of flora has always been a major part of our environment. It’s very sad to see that in urban areas a substantial part of our green spaces have already disappeared and that there has been insufficient attention, for whatever reason, given to creating new green areas.

It is evident that flora brings a lot of positive effects to our living environment and this is clearly confirmed by research. More people are becoming aware of this and are looking for better solutions to improve their own green environment.
This growing interest is focussed on indoor as well as outdoor possibilities in locations where in the past it was not possible to create green elements.

One can think of ever growing cities where the “spread of concrete” very often reduces the room for green areas. There is less space left for a small park or even some trees.
On the one hand cities try to be as compact as possible, on the other hand the people who live there also require a pleasant and healthy environment.

People living in apartments only have balconies or if lucky a roof garden. Space for a lot of plants on a balcony is limited but the desire for plants in the immediate environment is still there.
In offices, hospitals and public the story is the same; there is usually a strong wish for a pleasant environment but not enough space or perhaps creativity to fulfil this demand.

The Vertical Green Company

This company designs, develops, produces and maintains vertical gardens.
From a simple single green element on the wall of a private house to big impressive walls for companies or public institutions.
We also provide a “ Green Office Trolley” which can be installed with plants which have the ability to improve the air quality in offices. Besides the positive influence on air quality, plants will also improve the wellbeing of the people employed.

The Vertical Green Company is a part of the Aqua Resins Technologies Group ( ART).
ART has manufactured for more than 20 years an exceptional foam substrate which is successfully and widely used agriculture and horticulture.

The foam substrate’s principal feature is a high water retaining capacity and in the same time still leaving enough free “space” for air. This is provides a very attractive climate for plants to develop a solid root system throughout the foam mass and draw off the correct amount of water and nutrients. The substrate is inert, recyclable, bio-degradable and light in weight.
The plants are rooted into the foam substrate in crates which are then mounted in a special framework and fixed to the vertical wall. A special integrated water and nutrient system is provided which is adapted for the specific installation location.

Our System:

The Vertical Green Company provides a modular system consisting of foam substrate filled crates into which the plants are rooted, a wall mounting or self supporting framework, as appropriate, and a water/nutrition system. In addition a decorative surrounding framework is available in a choice of materials e.g. stainless steel, carbon steel or wood.

We can also provide advice and supply lighting, which for indoor applications is essential.
Due to the modular construction of Fytowall it is very simple to make changes or replacements to the wall planting for seasonal variety or other reasons.

The choice for plants is based on several standard plant configurations which we know will be successful in our climate.

We are open to specific customer suggestions for plant configuration and in close
cooperation with our gardeners we can develop together the production of a special wall.
Our system is also suitable for making company logo’s and other creative shapes.
Single element with six different
Plants for outdoor application.
An optimal water/air ratio
in the foam substrate
provides perfect growing
circumstances for plants.

Advantages Vertical Gardens:

Maximum of “green experience” combined with minimal need for space
Enhanced Visual Amenity: New concept, trendy and beautiful!
Positive influence on air quality. Especially inside buildings plants generate more oxygen which has a positive influence on the capability to concentrate. People will have more energy and be less stressed. In other words: the working climate improves significantly!
Reduction of fine dust particles in the air.
Positive effect on the value of property.
Positive effect on healing process within a hospital environment.
Reduction of noise levels
Non flammable, causes delay in fire development.
Possibilities of using herbs for creating a specific scent in the air. (e.g.: Lavender)
Possibilities for herb walls in canteens and kitchens for culinary use.
Positive influence on biotope for birds and insects.

Advantages Vertical Green System:

Modular system which is simple to mount and is exchangeable .Individual plants or an entire module can be easily replaced. Creating seasonal walls is also possible.
Moving a total wall to another place is technically easy to do. Adapt or extend a wall is also feasible.

The foam substrate is environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and bio- degradable.
The foam has a high capacity to retain water and due to the optimal water/air ratio
Independent of the amount of water, this growing medium enables plants to live for a long time.
The Vertical Green Company will be able to provide several standard plant configurations quickly; special customer requests will be possible after consulting our gardener
Special units with herbs for practical use in kitchens and canteens are available.
One Stop Solution: Your vertical garden will be provided by one party who will coordinate all the different activities.
We offer several levels of service contract in order to ensure optimal maintenance of your total vertical garden, plants and systems included.

The Vertical Green Company produces the planted modules in their own nursery to be sure of the quality of planted modules before they are placed into walls.
The Vertical Green Company works closely together with garden designers to develop creative vertical garden concepts.
Irrigation and nutrition systems are used from professional manufacturers such
as Gardena.
For big vertical gardens we can provide professional fully automatic systems
Which can be monitored remotely.
The total maintenance of your vertical
garden can be outsourced to us.
Either based on service on demand or a
full service contract, we are more than
willing to take care of your garden

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For more information please call of mail to:

The Vertical Green Company
Nijverheidsweg 17, 17b
6651 KS Druten
the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 478 – 593 778

The content of this leaflet is not binding and without notice in advance changes in
all aspects of the product concept can be made by The Vertical Green Company