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Floriade 03-04-2012

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Floriade and Keukenhof 2012

The Vertical Green Company is specialised in designing, growing, installing and maintaining soilless living walls or hanging gardens. With our 90 / goº Green ® system we can create impressive green structures in locations where previously this was thought not possible.

plantenwand - the vertical green company

Especially in an urban environment where hardly any free green space is left, using walls and roofs of buildings is a very efficient and sophisticated way to make the environment greener, healthier and nicer to view.
Not only in the public environment but also in your own private house, vertical gardens can be nice to look at and useful as well.
Professional systems are developed for large walls and are therefore expensive. Maintenance also requires special knowlegde and tools.

Plantwall provides a very professional do-it-yourself system at a low cost!
With the modular Plantwall system you can make a small set-up for herbs in your kitchen, or a bigger one with nice flowers on your balcony. For all kinds of walls, indoor as well as outdoor, the Plantwall system is very attractive.

90 green - plantenwand