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Benefil - Void Fill - Mines

Benefil - Tunnels and Caves

Benefil - Large voids

Benefil mines - void fill,Benefil, Hardschuimvullingen,  fills voids, seawalls, retaining walls, culverts, sewage pipes, pipelines, relining,  a super-lightweight engineering filler grout, Benefil®,  holle ruimte, floor lifting, floorlift, verzakte vloer,Benefil® is Uretek's super-lightweight engineering filler grout.
Shafts, access tunnels and washaways are readily filled. Benefil® requires ……
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Case Study
  • Benefil®
    /Uretek%20Case%20Study%20-%20Uretek%20UK%20-%20Void%20Filling.pdf]Mine Shafts filled with Benefil - South Wales

“Quantum and Uretek worked closely as a site based team to adapt the process of filling the shafts as new problems were being encountered on a daily basis. Working under stringent targets for completion, all three shafts were treated to a satisfactory condition to enable
the client to open the store on programme.” – Peter Lindsell, Quantum GB Ltd"