General Benefil - Sewage and Pipelines

Multi-purpose, super-lightweight, engineering filler/grout

Introduction: What is Benefil®?

  • Benefil void fill sewage 7 NorwayBenefil testing 3,Benefil, Hardschuimvullingen,  fills voids, seawalls, retaining walls, culverts, sewage pipes, pipelines, relining,  a super-lightweight engineering filler grout, BenefilŪ,  holle ruimte, floor lifting, fA unique, pre-expanded structural resin that becomes super-light in weight. It is produced on-site from a liquid base - slowly or at much higher volumes depending on the need. It can be poured, pumped or injected into holes, voids and interstitial spaces - or laterally over long distances. Pre-expanded before placement and with a short gel time, Benefil® will displace residual liquids and can be applied underwater.
    There is no heat generated and no electricity required.
    Not a liquid, not a solid, it flows only under applied pressure - until it gels and begins to set hard. It will not run away.

    Benefil® is environmentally neutral, inert, solvent-free, non-toxic and non-flammable. It can be recycled or disposed of in a landfill.

    For quality assurance it is always produced and applied by our experienced technicians -with precise control.


Sewage and Pipelines

  • Specification service (in Dutch)


    Expanded Benefil® can be induced to travel up to 100 metres. It is unique for filling pipelines and conduits. Residual fluids are forced ahead and expelled.
    An abandoned pipeline can be filled completely, even if only one end is accessible. Uphill or downhill, it makes no difference, it won't run out!
    When used to fill the interstitial (annular) space formed by relining, the new 'slipline' will not collapse nor float when being installed.
    Soil loss due to 'infiltration' can be corrected by filling resultant voids from above.


    • Where pipelines are to be decommissioned and large voids behind seawalls need to be filled, Benefil® offers economy, convenience and safety.
      Benefil® is Uretek's super-lightweight engineering filler grout. It is easily poured or pumped over long distances, so alleviating site access problems and causing minimal disruption.
      Benefil® is economical, and environmentally harmless.
      Benefil® can be pumped up to 150 metres, even uphill. Residual fluids are expelled and pipelines 100% filled, even if only one end is accessible.
      Used to fill interstitial spaces formed by relining, Benefil® will not collapse the new slipline.
      Voids around pipelines, caused by infiltration, are filled with Benefil® from above.



    • Given Benefil® can be made to the clients exact requirements on site, we at TankSafe have undertaken many hundreds of kilometers of pipeline filling over the years. Filling a fuel system or pipeline with Bacel® Hardfoam means that not only can that system be ensured redundant with no future mistakes being made regarding misconnections but also any product in the system being filled is decanted completely and replaced by inflammable hardfoam therefore also ensuring the network to be entirely safe.
      Depending on the grade of Bacel® Hardfoam specified the product can be pushed for long distances between any given injection and ventilation point however obviously these capabilities also depend on the diameter and type of system/pipeline being filled.